Digital Clinic Proposition

Enables you to provide the highest level of care at lowest cost.

Drastically reduce time spent on charting related issues by several hours a day.

Improve your billing revenue by more accurately documenting each patient’s encounter.

Short payback period.

Seamless Interoperability

Digital Clinic has been designed for interoperability by supporting industry standards such as CCR and HL7 for exchange of medical information with other systems.

Based on industry standards such as XML, Web Services, etc.

Data exchange automation agent for automatic exchange of patient information with other systems.

EMR System That Knows Your Workflow

We take the time to understand what you do, and how you work. And we are focusing on the right workflow solutions.

Digital Clinic "knows" your workflow and functions as an assistant to your team, supporting each of your constituents.

Digital Clinic manages not just transactions and data, but your processes.

Digital Clinic facilitates team-based care with the patient at the center of the process.

Other process improvement capabilities to better serve your patients such as prescription ordering and refills online.