Digital Clinic EHR

Both providers and patients can benefit from reduced overhead as a result of the administrative simplification and better quality of service provided by Digital Clinic™ that is traditionally handled manually.

• Will lessen time spent collecting, recording, documenting, and searching for patients’ information

• Provides intuitive and easy to use interface

• Increases the quality of patient care as a result of the reduction of staff administrative tasks

• Will improve billing revenue by more accurately documenting each patient’s encounter

• Is a cost effective system with a high return on your investment (ROI)

Personal Health Awareness System (PHware)

PHware is developed in collaboration with Bionous LLC. to turn patients data into actionable intelligence to help them stay healthy. A patient's medical records are generally fragmented across multiple treatment sites, posing an obstacle to clinical care, research, and public health efforts. Digital Clinic provides a technical infrastructure on which to build longitudinal medical records that can be integrated across sites of care.

Medical Lab

Digital Clinic enables ordering and cumulative results reporting of medical tests’ It provides ordering tests, retrieve and store statistical data or status the progress of previously ordered tests.